Jumunga in 1932

King Jumunga rules over the gibbon race and is a Gibbon Council representative.

History Edit

Jumunga was born within the old Gibbon Fortress on the 17th September 1889. His father was Kuli, the Gibbon King at the time.

When Jumunga turned 16 he joined the army and fought in battles such as The Gibbon Civil War, Battle of 64 and World War l.

He became king when his father died in 1968, and ruled through a large portion of the civil war. He finally declared peace in 1990 due to increasingly dangerous threats of attack from both chimps and humans.

He is the main representative of gibbons in Gibbon Coucil meetings.

Jumunga has a strong distaste for the internet, as he believes that gibbons should not be allowed to commmunicate with humans. He therefore banished the ISP gibbon species to America in September 2011. This was met with outrage by various gibbons in the communication and technology departements.

His exact species is unknown, as no human has got close enough to see, as Jumunga spends most of his time in the Gibbon Fortress. At the ripe old age of 122, he rarely takes part in battles anymore.


While some gibbons consider him a tyrant, a huge percentage of them look at him as a hero and powerful leader. Both wise, strong and intelligent.


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