• MikeBoyz3569

    Battles of Gibbons

    September 3, 2011 by MikeBoyz3569

    So far, there is not that many information on Gibbon battles. However, we were able to dig up notorious battles such as "The Battle of 64".

    Other battles include the on-going war with the chimps.

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  • Samuelcd1997

    Hi Gibbons and Gibbon fans, this is Samuelcd with your weekly Gibbonpedia update!

    That's right, every Friday I'll make a blog post and let you know what is happening!

    The wiki was finally created Wednesday 31st August after many fan requests. On Thursday 1st of September, the first seven articles were made.

    The wiki currently has eight articles, but expect more soon! A Gibbon timeline article will be made in the coming week, and expect more gibbon species articles. Also, Toxic156 has promised me he has some articles planned!

    Also you'll notice the wiki has a new look. No longer boring - we now have a new colour scheme, logo and background.

    That's all for now, stay Gibbony!

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